1. Email yourself the steam gift.
  2. In the email copy the link from the link that says "Yes, I have Steam"
    • Highlighted in red here
  3. Paste that url in the form below
  4. Search by Game Title for its App ID:

    Can't find it or want to do things manually?
    Go to the game's Store Page on Steam and copy the App ID
  5. (Only if you find the App ID manually) Paste the App ID in the form below
  6. Fill in your giftee's email
  7. Verify the information is correct
  8. Click the "Generate" button
  9. Your Gift Card will open in a new tab and automatically open the print preview so it's easy to print! (or save as a PDF for later)
  10. Note: The same information will appear below if you want to copy the QR Code and create your own card with it.