Steam Gift Materializer

An easy way to give Steam gifts in person

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Quick Gift Creation

We made it easy to create physical gift card for your digital Steam gift purchases. Just purchase your gift on Steam then head over to the Create Gift page.

See a Smile in Person

We want to give our gifts in person and see the reaction our presents create. It's much more fun to give a gift than send an email.

Go Quickly from Gift to Game

Get a gift? Just hold it up to your webcam on the redemption page. No camera? That's okay, you'll just need to do a little bit of typing then.

A fun way to turn a digital Steam gift into a physical card
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How does it work?

When you purchase a Steam gift, you have the option to email the recipient. Instead of emailing them, you email yourself. We then take that url, strip out the important information and create a QR Code with that information. That QR Code is turned into a printable web page to make it easy for you to give it to your giftee. When they come back with their gift card and scan it, the information stored on the QR Code is read and we simply forward them to the link Steam gave you in that original email. This means that we don't ever open the link and never are in charge of the gift. If something goes wrong you can simply have the giftee use the original link in the email. We put several warnings to make sure the gift is redeemed to the appropriate account, however this is beta software and mistakes happen so we cannot guarantee the safety of the gift.

Let's Materialize those Steam Gifts
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